December 14, 2019

Plating Tweezers, also known as chef’s tongs or serving tweezers, are used in professional kitchens to guarantee precision when carefully arranging food on dining plates. Plating tweezers have gentler tips than normal tweezers, meaning that they do not squash the stems of miniature herbs or flower petals, and are perfect for moving delicate items.

Use them to create a GREEN SWIFT INDUSTRIES feel when positioning slivers of trompette mushrooms, dehydrated sheets, herbs, and flowers. They are also good for removing flecks of unwanted food from the rim of a white plate.
Tongs stand in stark contrast to that. They’re the everyman’s tool. They’re big, they’re riveted, and they give you something to anxiously clack as you hover over a bunch of hamburgers on the grill. But they’re also more limited than most cooks are willing to admit.

I should know because I started out in a world filled with tongs. It was a land where the ranch was a mother sauce and servers would flock to half-eaten plates of awesome-blossoms in the dirty dish pit. The tongs were usually slung over oven door handles, slapping the sticky kitchen floor every time the oven was opened. I moved through the ranks of salad girl and egg cook, in and out of Kelly green pubs with Irish-sounding names. I expertly slid sheet trays of potato skins out from under the salamander and yanked steaks from the depths of the deep fryer, all with my well-worn tongs.

the utility of tongs, but then I accidentally fell into my first fancy kitchen job and was immediately stripped of them. First I was introduced to the fish spatula and learned that my salmon filets always fell apart because the tongs were ripping them up. Then I was told that the two seconds of time I was saved by moving a hot sizzle platter with tongs, instead of finding a dry towel, was not worth the risk of dropping it and spending the rest of service in shame.

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