January 29, 2019

Band Remover Pliers:
As the name implies, they help to eliminate the bands, the adhesives, and the supports, the most important part is the tip or peak of the band that removes the band, this can be jagged for a great precision handling and with a plastic pad in the other end. Dental Trephine Bur Drills Kit

There are general and specific models for the anterior and posterior bands, the most important detail to take into account is the grip has to be comfortable and long enough for adequate access to the posterior zone.

Adhesive Remover Pliers:
Adhesive Removal Pliers feature a blade on one side with an occlusal pad on the other to remove adhesives and bonding agents. They can also be used to remove metal and aesthetic brackets.

The tips can be made of stainless steel or with tungsten carbide inserts for a better grip capability, and have a better angle for posterior access. Some also have a spring mechanism for better durability.

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