Dental Trephine Bur Drills Kit Lenght 10mm Consist of 8 PCs 1. Outer Dia 3mm 2. Outer Dia 4mm 3. Outer Dia 5mm 4. Outer Dia 6mm 5. Outer Dia 7mm 6. Outer Dia 8mm 7. Outer Dia 9mm 8. Outer Dia 10mm 9. Base of Case Teflon 10. Colorful Case, Base White Teflon, Sliding Cover Stainless Steel FEATURES: For harvesting bone in autogenous bone graft placement May be used for retrieval of implants Laser marked score lines Manufactured from Stainless Steel


Dental Trephine Drills 8 Piece Kit for Implant Surgery + Bur Holder

Trephine Sizes: (1mm Wall)

– 3.0mm
– 4.0mm
– 5.0mm
– 6.0mm
– 7.0mm
– 8.0mm
– 9.0mm
– 10.0mm

Marking Depths on the Trephine for accurate drilling, sizes 2.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm & 10.0mm.


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