Designed for working round wire up to .016″ diameter. The longer tapered beaks make it easier to bend small diameter loops. Prevents wire scoring.


Orthodontic Instrument line provides you, the orthodontic professional an exquisite range of instruments. The attention to detail in the engineering of these durable, high-quality instruments is unmatched in the industry.

GREEN SWIFT INDUSTRIES Instruments feature unparalleled quality backed by the following warranties:

Bending and utility pliers are guaranteed for 10 years
Cutting instruments are guaranteed for 7 years
Mathieu pliers are guaranteed for 1 year
Every instrument with its innovative design offers:

Bending pliers feature a smooth, radius joint
Instrument tips stay aligned and perform smoothly for stress-free use
Laser engraved part number and applicable archwire sizes for easy identification
Stainless Steel insert for enhanced cutting performance
Diamond-honed cutting edges
Highest quality, forged steel mixed with a blend of chromium and carbon. Resistant to corrosion given proper use and care
Smooth, round edges provide an ergonomic design while ensuring maximum comfort and safety
Stunning satin finish reduces glare for precise treatment


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